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As a leading model of sated-owned capital investment and pilot operating corporation, Henan Machinery Investment Group Co., Ltd,(hereinafter referred as to “Company”) is an important pilot platform for the Henan government optimizing the state-owned capital layout structure, developing the mixed ownership economy, improving the modern enterprise system and transforming the supervision mode of the state-owned assets. Company undertakes the tasks of integration and development in the field of machinery of Henan province, which is playing an important role in vitalizing state owned enterprises, enhancing their competitiveness and developing its leading forces.

Based on the management and operation of corporate equity ownership, through external financial investments to keep and increase the value of state owned capital. Enterprises under the group ownership are the main subject for its investment and operations, and the Group's main business strategy is to invest in mechanized equipment manufacturing industry, while the Group does not directly operate and manage specific businesses.


Complete a Mission

Enhance the quality and efficiency of capital operation, keep and increase the value of state-owned capital.


Adhere to a Principle

According to national industrial policy and direction of Henan industrial restructuring, taking marketization, professionalization and internationality as its orientation, considering its capital investments & activities of mechanized equipment and related industries, this company enhance the supervision of state-owned equity focused on management of capital within the government state’s mandate. With property rights as links and emphasizes on and capital earning, Company facilitates the operation of resources, capital, assets, and fund. It serves as main channels for the orderly entry and retreat of state-owned stock rights, the adjustment and optimization of the layout of state-owned capital, the promotion of the development of the mixed-owned economy. As the subject of state-owned equity holder, a carrier of value management, an executive channel for revitalizing stock capital, integrating and utilizing social capitals, a investing center for investing and nurturing new industries, a platform for internal and external financing and funding configuration, a bridge linking the industry and finance, Company dedicates to serve the economic strategy objectives of the provincial party committee and provincial government.


Build a Team

To build an equity investment and operation team characterized by market experience, professional skill, international view, excellence, efficiency, standard operation, and mutual-trust.


Promote Three Reforms

Explore ways to rely on market-oriented investor rather than administrative agency to promote reform of enterprises, to constantly improve the modern system of enterprises under group ownership, to promote the reform of mixed ownership of enterprises under is ownership, and to facilitate the reform of corporate governance, personnel selection and appointment system.


 Create Five Centers

Strategic decision-making center, capital configuration center, shareholding operation center, reform & innovation center and culture center.

(1) Strategic Decision-making Center.

By studying, formulating and implementing strategic plans, and carrying out the function of "direction, decision-making, anti-risk, team-building" to realize the strategic control and management of major decisions of enterprises under the ownership.

(2) Capital Configuration Center

Based on the platform of reforms of mixed ownership and listed companies ,through the integration of industrial capital and financial capital, the increase of the mobility of state-owned capital, operations of capitals,  restructuring of corporations, and mergers and acquisitions, Company aims at revitalizing the stock of assets, optimizing incremental assets, and enhancing corporate value.

(3) Shareholding Operation center

The company does not engage in specific industrial operations, but carries out equity operations, conducts equity management right around mechanized equipment manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industries and diversified related sectors. It will also achieve the effective allocation of state-owned capital through the combination of capitals in the market.

(4)Innovation Center

Based on the platform of structural adjustment and optimization of ownership of enterprises and of innovation and operation model, it aims at insisting to optimize the structure of corporate governance, and establish a sustainable development mechanism for this corporation.

 (5) Cultural Center

 By improving and completing the system, and promoting the group culture, it aims to build the cultural management.


Conduct Seven Functions

1) Management on strategic plan

2) Management on key decision-making

3) Management on Equity Investment and finance

4) Management on reform and innovation

5) Management and control on performance and appraisal

6) Construction of corporation culture

7) Management on relationships of investors