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Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Registered name: Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Registration No.: 410100100067511

Location: No. 105, Huashan Road, Zhengzhou City

Legal representative: Jiao Chengyao

Registered capital: RMB 1,621,122,000

Type of business:Limited Liability Company (listed company)

Date of establishment: November 6, 2002


Brief introduction: Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ZMJ") was founded in 1958, the former is Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Plant. After over half of a century development, the Company has grown into the largest global research, development and manufacture enterprise for hydraulic roof support of combined mining, at the same time, it is the only company that is listed in A and H share market in the coal machinery industry of our country. It has 22 subsidiaries around the globe, either in the form of solely owned, proprietary, or joint stock company, which are involved with equipment manufacture, finance, service, trade and so on. 


ZMJ has an annual production capacity of 30000 sets (stands) of combined mining equipment, it can produce various hydraulic roof supports with height ranging from 0.55 meter to 8.8 meters, and strength ranging from 1600kN to 26000kN; including the production of 630 to 1250 full series of AFC, BSL, crusher, Martil and so on equipment, the main economic indicators of the Company has top among its peers in the industry for over 10 consecutive years. Its products have all over the big coal companies, and they are exported to Russia, Turkey, India, Vietnam and so on countries over the years, and it enjoys the reputation of" No.1 brand of China's coal machinery industry". 


ZMJ has country-level enterprise technical center, postdoctoral scientific research station, academician workstation and so on scientific institutions, over the time it has assumed the research and development of key projects for combined mining equipment of state level, and led the development of Chinese coal equipment. The domestic market occupancy for hydraulic support of the company ranks No.1 in the industry, its total yield of hydraulic roof support, maximum operation resistance and support height are world No.1, and its R&D strength and equipment level for hydraulic support are globally advanced. The super mining height, intelligent and green mining hydraulic support, ZY26000/40/88D developed by the company, has been a record breaker of coal mine support equipment, many of its parameters have created and maintained the world records; the company has successfully made a breakthrough of key technologies of electro-hydraulic control system for hydraulic roof support, which bridges the gap in our country and obtains a complete and independent intellectual property right for hydraulic roof support.


In recent years, ZMJ has made great efforts to introduce the advanced equipment in the global industry and guarantee product quality with first class equipment. The company's - High end hydraulic roof support production base, which was invested by mutual fund in A share market with a total investment over 2 billion Yuan, it has the most advanced production line for steel plate laying-off, welding and complete automation spraying, most advanced automatic production line for leg cylinder, and the assembly line for hydraulic roof support of the world's largest productive capacity and so on. 


ZMJ's comprehensive strength has ranked No.1 among the top 50 of Chinese coal machinery industry, and is listed on Top 100 of Chinese coal industry and top 500 of national machinery industry enterprises. Over the time, it has won the honors of "Excellent Enterprise for Chinese Coal Industry", "Excellent Enterprise for Chinese Coal Machinery Industry"," Excellent Enterprise for Technological Innovations of Coal Industry", Informatization Management Pilot Enterprise of Nationwide Coal Industry Enterprises" and so on, it has been rated as "10 Best Technical Advancement Enterprise for National Coal Industry" for two consecutive years.


Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd.

Registered name: Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd.

Registration No.: 410300110048731

Location: No. 96, Jianshe Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang City

Legal representative: Wu Zongyan

Registered capital: RMB 1,780,000,000

Type of business: Limited Liability Company (non-natural person investment or solely owned by proprietary legal person)

Date of establishment: December 6, 2004


Brief introduction: Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luo Bearing"), was Luoyang Bearing Plant, as one of 156 key projects for the country's first five-year plan period, established in 1954, and is one of the largest comprehensive bearing manufacturers of the Chinese bearing industry.


Luo Bearing has great technical strength, the country-level technical center, key laboratories, academician workstation and postdoctoral scientific research station, it can design and manufacture all nine broad categories bearings of various class of accuracy according to the user requirements with varieties and specifications reaching over 10,000; it can also develop special equipment and device related to bearing. It has core technologies of aeroengine bearing, vehicle bearing for high speed railway and track, special bearing for major equipment and so on, during the years it has supplied the matching bearing products for Three-gorge water conservancy project, Shenzhou and Chang'e series aerospace project, Gezhouba hydraulic project, Olympic project, south-north water transfer project, West–East Gas Pipeline project and so on country-level major projects. Luo Bearing is the birthplace of the bearing for the largest processing diameter and highest precision, the standard developer for Chinese windmill generator bearing, the manufacturer for the first super large roll bearing in China, it is also the large production base in China which feature the widest range of bearing dimensions, the widest application coverage and the fullest variety, and has maintained multiple Chinese bearing industry records. Especially, the super large split turntable bearing with diameter of 10.94, which was invented not long ago, once again set the new record for highest dimension of this kind of bearing in our country. 


Luo Bearing is the "pacemaker of Chinese bearing industry", "Top 500 Chinese enterprises for informatization" and ranks No. 54 for Top 100 of Chinese mechanical industry; "LYC" brand is rated as the" Most competitive bearing brand in China"; "LYC" trademark is authenticated as " Chinese Well-known Trademark" by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.


Luoyang Bearing Holding Limited

Registered name: Luoyang Bearing Holding Limited

Registration No.: 410300110053968

Location: No.1, Zhangqu Street, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Luolong District, Luoyang City

Legal representative: Wu Zongyan

Registered capital: RMB 218,500,000

Type of business: other limited liability company

Date of establishment: February 18, 2008


Brief introduction: Luoyang Bearing Holding Limited is located in Luolong Science and Technology Industrial Park. The products of the company are mainly windmill generator bearing, precision-machined tool bearing, special precision bearing, automobile exclusive use bearing, precision motor bearing, matching bearing for major technical equipment, mine metallurgical bearing and so on high-tech, precise and high-end products which all conform to state industrial policy and enjoy a bright market prospect.